First Web Word

Greetings Interwebz,

This is the start beginning take-off initiation. It’s past 3 in the morning, I am surrounded by an orange-colored room in Santa Cruz. These are my favorite hours, hours of stillness and quiet when the microwaves cease to buzz sound carries so easy in this clarity. My love sands rough edges of flexible wood to smooth the cover of her book, on the Cusp in the midst of the orbits cycles of moon and sun. Her collaborator transfers ink to paper 21st century digital translation of ancient intaglio, wordsmith working images through time. Audio visual transmissions: eyes and ears and ethernet cables. Screens can mimic sunshine with their light, plastic can feel more natural than soil these days, but we finds ways to connect in waves of sincere life, heart and soul engaged through a webpage. I feel scientist experiment as I work my way through this world of on-line cans connected by lines of string. This is the start beginning take-off initiation. My ritual welcoming into the virtual. I am beginner’s mind, my bowl sits empty on the ground before your fingertips, if you have guidance to give, I will gratefully receive. More poems to come, more words to come.




About Anon Wit

RAWRR I live and things like that

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