ANON.WIT.WORD is a blog of ethnography and musing and cultural criticism. ANON.WIT.WORD is a site for sharing and accessing my poetry. This webpage is a way to convey thoughts. This webpage is a way to hold myself accountable for the things I say because I am saying them publicly.

The Writer

I am wolf teeth smiling as I run wild with my pack. I am chaos magik gravitating supernovas converging ephemeral eruptions. I am furious winds tearing down fences. I am blankets warming nomads in the diaspora. I am Anon Wit.

The Author of the Writer

My name is Alec White. I am a 22 year-old who recently graduated from UC Santa Cruz and moved to the Bay Area. I grew up in the suburbs of Orange, CA where I spent my time skating in the street, TPing houses, and driving far too much. My pseudonym developed because I am have a hateful relationship to whiteness, so I dropped the “e” off my last name when I would perform poems, so I would just be “Whit.” People always mispronounced it so I went with Wit, but that sounded too much like zit, so I added Anon because I like Anonymous and I have an old-friend named Arnon. I am telling you who I am so its not much of a pseudonym, but I am not comfortable hiding who I am and where I am from.


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