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Perpetual Change

Humans have not designed a perpetual motion machine, but life can feel like just that. It’s moving quick while making breakfast to reading emails before bed. Sometimes I find it almost impossible to be still. Being in a state of post-grad transition has only amplified this tendency of mine.

My grandma always manages to drop truth on me in the most casual way. She came up to me this weekend and said “You know sweetie, change is an interesting thing because when its happening it feels like you have no idea what’s going on.” Damn grandma, how do you do it? Read the rest of this entry


First Type

It was my first day sitting around with my typewriter today passing out poems. I am planning to sit with a sign that says: “your poem, your price” eventually. People name a subject and a price, then I write. I feel obliged to refine my skills at impromptu quick poems before I set up shop, so today I sat with a sign that read “FREE POEMS” at Dolores Park. Read the rest of this entry